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School can be tough! But we can help

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School can be tough! And when you add the academic pressure of what our children have been through over the past two years with COVID-19, we all can understand why so many children are doing poorly in school subjects. 

The Scholarly Network has some of the best in-home and online tutors in South Africa to help our children do better and exceed their academic expectations. We have a team of online and in-home tutors who are top tier in their fields of math, science, biology, accounting, languages and so much more! 

The Scholarly Network is a breath of fresh air not only for school students but parents and teachers alike. The Scholarly Network understands that children are not only students, but that they are children who live and learn in their own unique way.

 Our tutors not only help your child thrive academically, but holistically as well. Our tutors have been trained to identify challenges children may face in multiple areas their academics. 

Proper referral pathways have also been set up so that your child not only has the best tutoring experience, but accesses services they may need to thrive in all areas of a life. 

Get in touch with us to get an online or in-home tutor immediately and we will provide you an opportunity to match your child with a great tutor and see your child’s academics success grow. Whether it’s before school or after school, there’s always a tutor online at the Scholarly Network ready to help.